Can someone please talk me through SEO?

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Can someone please talk me through SEO?

It can often feel like today’s tech world is filling up with an endless list of acronyms that are basically un-understandable unless you’re deep inside the IT Crowd.  It shouldn’t be this way. So, let’s take one of the acronyms that is thrown around a lot, SEO, and break it down.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means the process by which your website, or any website, becomes visible through a search submitted through a search engine such as Google.  SEO is what ensures that when you google “Facebook”, the actual link to Facebook is the first thing that pops up on your search.  SEO is made up of a whole cocktail of different methodologies and techniques which ensure that a high level of traffic is directed to the website in question.  Search engine optimization ensures that a site which is accessible via a search engine and increases that chances that a website will be found via a search engine search.  The higher that a website features in a search engines’ results, the higher the chance that it will be clicked on.  It’s pretty common that internet users won’t scroll through pages and pages of search engine results, but instead will select options that are on the first page on results. So the key is to get your website on that first page of results. This is what search engine optimization helps you achieve.

The key thing about SEO is that it isn’t a one-time event.  You have to commit yourself to the process in order to get the results that you really want. Search engines use incredibly complicated algorithms to calculate their results, and these change regularly, so you have to stay on top of your game continuously.  You also have to be patient. Results might not become immediately visible, but if you stick at it, they will appear, and they’ll bring all kinds of perks with them.

Another key things is to partner with someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to working on your SEO. At LeadVy, we integrate SEO practices from the very launch of your website, and continue to do so for the entire time that we manage your online brand presence. We also allow you to continuously monitor the results that our SEO methods and techniques are yielding, and compare them to that of your competitors. We’re committed to helping you achieve all your brand presence ambitions, and SEO is a vital part of that process.

I'm very well organized, responsible, creative, proactive, open minded and easy to work with. I have a bachelor degree in Marketing and 7 years of experience in Marketing, Events Management and Social Media Marketing. During these 7 years, I worked with big multi-national companies and brands such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Clarks, Vagabond, Toshiba and Sony.

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