Emerging Digital Marketing Trends: Mobile Technology and Social Conversions

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Emerging Digital Marketing Trends: Mobile Technology and Social Conversions

We, in the digital marketing sphere, are part of an impulsive, dynamic and volatile industry. It can often feel like you’re playing catch-up with a tiger, and the moment that you catch up with it, it speeds off again.

Although being part of an ever-changing industry can seem like a fool’s errand, it can also be incredibly invigorating.  It takes a certain kind of mentality to keep up, but if you can find that balance between chasing the tiger and surveying the entire jungle, you’ll be in an excellent place. The key to getting ahead in any industry is to continuously work on your own products, but also continue to develop your understanding of the sector as a whole. If you’re able to do that, you’re bound to succeed.

What are the trends that are emerging?

One of the most essential to take note of is that of mobile technology.  The growing importance of mobile searching, mobile optimization, and mobile conversations cannot be overestimated. With the global rise of 4G, more mobile phone users are browsing the internet than ever before. The majority of these users are using their mobile devices to take to social networks, and while an awful lot has been said recently about the power of social media, not much has been said about the issue of social conversion.  Social conversion refers to the long-term issue of using social media as a lead converter.  As so many companies are now beginning to give social media the attention it deserves, we are bound to see a shift of focus towards social conversion, as these companies begin to decide what they should use their social media presence for.

Examining the various emerging trends in the world of digital marketing always deserves attention. By looking around and seeing what is beginning to happen on a small scale, and where, you can begin to develop a strong understanding of the various directions that the industry might begin to go in.

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