Social Media: Beyond Facebook and Twitter

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Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Social Media: Beyond Facebook and Twitter

So, you know ALL about the importance of being present and active on Facebook and Twitter. But these aren’t the only social media channels that can benefit your business. Although they are the essential components in developing a strong social media presence, they are not the only components. Choosing which other social media channels you should invest time and effort into can be slightly more complicated. Which other social media channel you should use depends very much upon what your product is, and who it’s aimed towards.  If aesthetic is extremely important to your product or your company,  it is extremely worthwhile to invest in an Instagram profile. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

I'm very well organized, responsible, creative, proactive, open minded and easy to work with. I have a bachelor degree in Marketing and 7 years of experience in Marketing, Events Management and Social Media Marketing. During these 7 years, I worked with big multi-national companies and brands such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Clarks, Vagabond, Toshiba and Sony.

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