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users in Jordan are on Facebook

98% of internet users in Jordan are on Facebook. Let’s take a moment to digest that. That means that at least 5’586’000 of the country’s estimated 5.7 million internet users have Facebook profiles. That means that out of a population of 6.45 million, 86.5% of the total Jordanian population is on Facebook. That’s unparalleled, and it’s a situation that Jordanian businesses cannot afford to overlook.

Although the Middle East only hit the global average for internet growth for the first time in 2014, the rate of that growth has been phenomenal. In Jordan alone, the number of internet users has increased from 38% of the population in 2012 to 86.1% at the beginning of 2015. Or, to look at it in terms of solid figures, in a mere three years, the country has leapt from 2.48 million to over 5.7 million internet users.

The MENA region currently has over 152 million internet users. Just to put that into perspective, that’s greater than the combined user base of Brazil and South Korea.

How can Facebook benefit a business? As we’ve covered in previous LeadVy blog posts, Facebook provides businesses with an opportunity to directly connect with their brand supporters and cultivate a reputation of trustworthiness around your brand. Most vitally, using Facebook opens a door to an enormous community, and not just any community, but one which has shown a high level of brand interaction across the region, with 79% of users in the UAE, 68% in Kuwait, and 49% in Egypt interacting with brands on the site.

Facebook is a social network designed to allow people to connect and express themselves. In this respect, it is a perfect platform to use to bond with an audience. You’re coming to them. Potentially interested parties don’t need to get into their cars and drive to your store or office in order to access information about your product or business – they don’t even have to Google you. A simple Facebook search can produce a country-specific page on your business, along with a summary, link to the official website, and recent posts about your activity. With such a huge online community, and growth occurring all the time, it is now impossible to ignore the opportunity that Facebook provides.

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