14 Rules to Get Successful E-Commerce Websites

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LeadVy 14 Rules to Get Successful E-Commerce Websites

14 Rules to Get Successful E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce has evolved far beyond the late 1990’s, we are now spending billions of US$ yearly on e-commerce, and numbers expected to increase. However, no surprise online shopping is still in early stages.

Here are few tips for successful e-commerce website design

1. I need to know, where I Am

Users who are navigating in your store to shop with multi levels of navigation, it is important to show them where in the site structure they are. This should be accomplished with clear Category > Sub-cat > Product.

2. I need to narrow my search options

Users who would like to narrow their search options inside a particular category, it is better to allow them to remove un-wanted selections rather than forcing them to go home or repetitive “back button” clicks.

3. I need variety of sort options

Users would like to sort products by price, best selling, featured, latest or new products; and they would love to know other users rating and feedback, giving them confidence and encourage them to buy your products.

4. I need to see product details

Users would like to see any product they like in one page with quality image and zoom feature along with product details. E-commerce stores lacking this feature cannot keep loyal customers

5. I need to keep my favorites

When users are looking for a particular clothes, and finally they find the right choice, but they discover it doesn’t carry it in their size; Will they feel good? It will be great to keep users’ favorites.

6. I need to know what it costs and important details

While users looking for products pages, they would like to see price, discounts (once available) and important details before selecting the product for full details.

7. I need search bar to be always available and easy to reach

Users would like to keep their search options available for next potential modifications, after the website performs their search request and shows the results.

8. It will be great to have advanced search options

If e-commerce website can have an advanced searching system, and can allow users to select specific brands, prices, colors, sizes, models, etc, do it. Users often rate “search” as the most frustrating part in most of e-commerce sites.

9. I need to get critical “fit” information

Whether it is a clothes, laptop, camera or any piece of equipment. You need to show the critical fit information in the product details. And it will be great if the fit information in available in advanced search options. Try to find a bag that fits your camera, and you will understand what I mean.

10. I need to know if the product in your stock

There are still some e-commerce sites that allow users to “add to cart” or even “checkout” before buyers find out the painful truth – product is not any more in stock. Believe me this will be their the last visit of these websites.

11. I need to see as many photos of a product

Many time users don’t have the change to see the product in real life, photos, reviews, videos or even 3D modeling are extremely valuable in helping users to feel like they’ve “experienced” the product prior to purchase. Believe me one photo from one angle is not enough.

12. I need to see delivery options

Some users need to check delivery options before going to start shopping. E-Commerce website must have delivery options link obvious in the permanent navigation (it is most common at the footer of each page).

13. I need to receive order details ASAP

If a user accidentally ordered size 38 instead of 36, He should be able to fix it before the package arrives. E-Commerce websites need to send order details to buyers to re-assure them they have selected properly.

14. I need Email notification

Users have the right to receive Email notification in case of any change in delivery schedule or any other issues that may happen while processing the order. Do not keep them waiting and waiting and call you to find out that their order is not ready and you still need time to arrange for shipping.

I hope you will find these techniques helpful to your e-commerce sites. Together, Let us make the Internet an even better shopping place.

I'm tech serial entrepreneur and i'm sharing things I'm learning through my business life and other interests. My passion for cloud solutions drove me to establish Horizons DigiTech in 2010. My technology expertise honoured me consulting requests from some of the most prestigious enterprises in the region. My input was valued in the field of Web Dev, Cloud Computing, Systems Development, Architecture and Technology Inbound Marketing. I'm an astute decision maker with an unwavering vision to support the region’s economy and promote technology driven solutions for today’s business challenges.

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