5 Web Design Tips to Drive Sales to Your E-Commerce Business

5 Web Design Tips to Drive Sales to Your Ecommerce Business

5 Web Design Tips to Drive Sales to Your E-Commerce Business

Online shopping is increasingly becoming a common place where people finds what they are looking for. However, there are still many mistakes businesses make when designing their ecommerce websites. Poor website design results in lost conversions, and sales and overall revenue for ecommerce business.
But what are the important design features that will make a difference?

A lot of marketers waste time in developing new features or tweaking colors that will not do much in improving conversion rate.
The following 5 web design tips that emphasize in improving the performance of ecommerce website.

1 – Products’ pages that sells

Products’ pages target to convince users of value and desire to buy those products
Bold images is the most important element of a product page that sells. Because buyers do not have the products in their hands, good images can eliminate many of doubts or questions before they even need to be asked. Product images with different angles and situations (alone, in use, on a model, etc.) can do the job. Product image zoom can demonstrate the product details such as texture of a fabric. If there is a budget for product quality video, it will be an effective way to show product in action.

The second element of a selling product page is product description that speaks clearly about the value and benefits and contains any relevant technical information about the product.


2 – Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and Ratings can help customers make a decision about a purchase. Because product reviews are written by real people, they’re helpful to shoppers who see them as honest feedback to encourage them to buy.

Reviews, that contain some useful product information like performance, fit, and longevity, can help convincing customers who might be about to buy a specific product. They can also be as useful product feedback that can be used internally to determine customer behaviour about certain products.


3 – Filtering

Ecommerce sites with large variety of products offerings, filtering is essential to help customers finding what they’re looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Clear and logical product categorization are important for efficient browsing, but they aren’t enough to locate products the customers have in mind. Filtering options offer customers means of narrowing their search for a faster and more satisfying shopping experience rather not waste time scrolling through endless product lists to find what they need. Maybe they want to view products based on size, price, color, or style. Filtering allows customers to refine results based on the attributes that they are looking for.

4 – Easy checkout

Most of sales are lost during checkout process, due to lengthy or time consuming process.
Checkout should be as simple as possible. Customers want want the checkout process to be quick and painless. There are small things that can slow down checkout and kill buying process such as mandatory account registration or unexpected shipping charges or confusing messaging. To keep sales coming, it’s important to design checkout process carefully. For good checkout process, the following features should be added:
Progress bar, clear call-to-action in each step, guest checkout asking visitors for only basic information to complete an order.

5 – Transparency

Customers do not like unexpected surprises, such as shipping fees, or out of stock popup can cause them to leave without return. Be sure that one pop up at checkout is going to scare them away. Transparency means highlight free shipping or making shipping costs clear enough before checkout. Also it means a clear return policy and product guarantees.

Contact information should be accessible across across the website, will let customers know that you are available when needed.

When making ecommerce website design, you should keep looking how to improve site’s performance and make life easier for new visitors and fixing areas where your site design is failing your users.

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