The Importance of Pitch Pages

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The Importance Of Pitch Pages

The Importance of Pitch Pages

So, what’s a pitch page?

In the abstract, a pitch page is a very powerful tool in engaging potential investors and clients. They allow you to deliver your message and communicate the tone of your brand or product concisely, and convince potential connections to learn more about you.

In more tangible terms, a pitch page is a single web page, the number one purpose of which is to get the right people excited about your product or business. A strong pitch gets across all of the information that potential investors or clients will need to know, and tell the story of your business.
A pitch page is a valuable asset because it works as a springboard for discussions about your business or product. Also, unlike business cards, which are easily lost, or a website, which can take a bit of time to thoroughly go through, it is constantly available, contains all the important information, and easily accessible. Perhaps most important, pitch pages allow for a certain degree of creativity. Working with an online platform allows for a businesses to design a visually engaging pitch pages.

It has been proven that more visually engaging designs are more memorable. By having a visually engaging pitch page for your product, you’re helping yourself, and your product, be memorable. An additional marketing bonus of pitch pages is that they make it possible to track the number of times that potential clients click on the advertisement that leads them to the pitch page. This allows for you to assess the direction in which traffic is coming to your pitch.

When you’re in the starting stages of launching your business, you want to make sure that you’re representing yourself in a fluid, engaging, and memorable way. Pitch pages are an excellent, cost-effective, and relatively low-maintenance way to ensure that you continue to generate interest about your project following the initial launch.

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