The Evolution of Social Media and its Impact

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The Evolution of Social Media and its Impact

The days when a Facebook presence was a vaguely experimental marketing add-on for a brand are long gone. We’re living in a post 1-billion Facebook users world, and social media is now an absolute must for brand marketing.


Social media provides a historically unchallenged opportunity to showcase your band. Never before have so many members of the global community been gathered in one place. This provides an outstanding opportunity to build a strong online reputation for your brand, allowing you to connect with current brand supporters and engage new ones.

This online community is key on a number of levels. Recent studies have shown that customers would rather purchase from a company that has an active Facebook page than one which doesn’t, which is a key indicator of another essential component of a brand’s success which can be achieved through social media: trustworthiness. By directly connecting with your customers or clients via social media, you can make your brand a trusted source of information on your products and services, which is a great asset when it comes to creating company awareness and credibility.

Close monitoring of the online market has shown that an active social media presence increases the traffic to a company’s official website, which in turn generates an increase in sales. However, social media is not only an income-generator, it’s also a cost cutter.

The existence of a massive online community that can be accessed through an extremely affordable medium has completely revolutionized the ways in which a brand can market itself, and the outreach that can be achieved. Despite all of these incredible attributes, the business world is still not making the most out of these opportunities. Get started now, and be ahead of the trend.

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